Frequently Asked Questions


What is a KyWay Terminal?

FMC provides a full plug and play VSAT satellite system, which includes the Kymeta flat panel satellite antenna, iDirect x7 series modem, I/O controller and all the necessary cables with customized mounting system.

Is the Terminal UL certified?

Yes, our solution is UL-Certified. It is designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA.

Is the antenna rated for outdoor use?

Yes, our solution is outdoor rated and carries IP66 and IP67 protection ratings.

Are there any RF hazards?

The KyWay terminal complies with FCC guidelines for protecting individuals from harmful levels of RF exposure. Refer to the instruction manual for further guidance.

Are there any accessories available for mounting the system?

Contact our sales and engineering team for application and specific mounting solutions.

Where can I install the terminal?

Because the terminal is lightweight and portable, the possibilities are limitless. The terminal weighs 46 pounds making it the ideal application for renewable energy and maritime installments.

Who performs the installation?

The terminal is easy to install using the instruction manual and local technicians can accomplish the task. We recommend using licensed and insured electricians to perform any desired building penetrations and conduit runs. For specific and mission critical assets, FMC GlobalSat can provide installation teams to provide turn-key support and network integration.

What is KALO?

KALO is the next generation of High Throughput Satellite services. Leveraging 53 satellites, 8 teleports, 20,000 miles of fiber optic cable, and 24/7 enterprise grade technical support with 56 points of presence in 37 cities around the world. It is a unique network that provides high-speed Internet connectivity for broadband application, anytime, anywhere and even on the move.

How fast is my satellite connection?

The KALO system using the HTS network can expect typical throughput at 4Mbps down & 1Mbps up.
Actual speed may vary depending on the location and configuration.

How much does it cost?

A pricing schedule available on the website. Please contact our sales team to determine the right solution and data plan for you.

How long does it take for delivery?

Once an order is placed, delivery is approximately two weeks. Expedited delivery is available. please contact our Sales team for details.

Do I need any certifications to install and operate the terminal?

The system does not require any special certification or permit to activate or operate.

Once installed, how do I activate the terminal to get Internet?

After turning on the modem and I/O control equipment, the antenna will take a few minutes to achieve satellite lock.

Where should the antenna be mounted?

All installations will include a site review and a suggested location for optimal placement and instructions on testing and commissioning. Generally, the location will have no obstructions and a clear line of site to the sky when positioning the antenna.

How can I access my account and data usage?

We provide a versatile customer portal where you can view your account information, set data usage warnings, and request plan upgrades as needed. Please contact if you have not received your login credentials.

Can I suspend and or cancel my subscription?

You can suspend and cancel your subscription at any time, provided you are in compliance with FMC terms and conditions and End User service agreement. Additional fees may apply.