High performance proprietary technology solutions.

Our products and solutions include high performance radios, antennas, software, communications protocols and management tools that have been designed to deliver carrier and enterprise class wireless broadband access and other services primarily in the licensed and unlicensed RF spectrum. Our radios and antennas are designed and field-tested to deliver carrier-class network speeds, throughput, range and coverage while simultaneously meeting the varying performance requirements of video, voice and data traffic.

Price disruptive offering.

Our products and solutions have been designed to deliver high performance to users at highly disruptive price points. The deployment and operation of our solutions require a fraction of the capital expenditures, implementation expenses and network maintenance costs of those associated with legacy solutions.

Integrated and easy to deploy and manage.

Our integrated products and solutions reduce the complexity associated with the installation, management and expansion of satellite and wireless networks. This allows us to offer common features and functionality and leads to consistent usability across each product family. The integration between our products is designed to enable customers to receive broadband access and other services that have high performance characteristics without significant management, deployment costs or upgrade complexity.


We deliver 3G and 4G cellular solutions across CDMA, GSM, and LTE networks in more than 190 countries, and more than 550 underlying carriers.

The FMC GlobalSat platform, along with APIs, deliver complete control over your IoT deployment through the entire device lifecycle. With real-time visibility into device performance and traffic patterns, and the ability to control costs through flexible alerts, alarms, and self-service troubleshooting tools, our platform delivers greater operational efficiency, higher levels of automation, and, ultimately, much lower costs for all connectivity technologies and all deployment locations. FMC GlobalSat has the tools and capabilities to help you identify problems faster, resolve issues quicker and control costs at every stage of the device lifecycle.


We are leveraging the worlds largest satellite networks:

  • Dozens satellites and growing
  • 8 teleports
  • 20,000+ miles of global fiber optic connectivity
  • 56 points of presence in 37 cities around the world

FMC GlobalSat provides the next generation network using High Throughput Satellites (HTS) network. HTS is being used for terrestrial operators to provide broadband cellular backhaul to rural sites and other remote locations.


FMC GlobalSat understands your industry needs for speed and security. Our solutions provide the most safe and secure connectivity in a cost-effective way.

  • Military-grade encryption
  • Worldwide single platform both satellite and wireless
  • Enterprise grade customer support
  • Easy to install – always plug and play
  • High security software system, direct encrypted VPN
  • Very fast deployment, ideal for disaster and contingency planning


The world needs a new way to connect.

Internet traffic worldwide has grown rapidly in recent years, driven by an increase in the number of users, increasing mobility of those users and high bandwidth applications, such as video, audio, cloud-based applications, online gaming and social networking. According to Cisco Visual Networking Index, global Internet protocol (IP) traffic is expected to increase from 96 exabytes per month in 2016 to 278 exabytes per month in 2021. Additionally, it is estimated that there will be 3.5 networked devices per capita connected to IP networks in 2021, up from 2.3 networked devices per capita in 2016. Current networks are also plagued by security challenges and often fail during catastrophic events. What’s more, the estimated 30 billion+ connected devices in the world will cause congestion of current wireless networks.


Our experts will tailor your personalized presentation
to your specific business and industry.


Our experts will tailor your personalized presentation
to your exact business and industry.